Art Lane Wall Mural

I Painted a Mermaid In Malaysia…

While roaming around George Town, Penang, I spotted a colorful alleyway. My head was twitching while whispering, “You don’t know this place, you might get mugged.” BUT my inner artist was twirling while screaming, “You go in there, guurl, you might get thrown with acrylic paint and glitter.”

I am not going to turn down the chance of getting thrown in the face with glitter, so I entered.

Blue background with the words Art Lane painted on it
Art Lane Entrance. 199 Lebuh Victoria, George Town, Pulau Penang, Malaysia.

I was absolutely amazed by the fantastic works of art that were nestled together on the walls of a 120-meter lane. There were origami birds and wire faces hanging from the ceiling. A wide variety of themes painted in different styles and sizes. Artists from all over the world are featured on these walls.

What Is Art Lane?

It’s basically a community project started by China House – situated around the corner – which has the most delicious cakes you’ll ever stuff your face with, ever!

Collage of murals and artworks featured in Art Lane
Picture by: Rojak Daily

When it first started, Art Lane was open to the public and China House provided them with paints and brushes. After some time the creators decided that they wanted to have some quality control and public access to paints and brushes were halted.

Tourists and locals can view the beautiful works of art during the hours of 9am-7pm. Art Lane is closed at night to avoid scallywags painting over murals.

How Can I Feature On Art Lane’s Wall?

Step 1.1: Dig deep within your soul for an interesting concept
Step 1.2: Sketch an idea

Step 2: Email a proposal to China House (
Step 3: Get their approval and win their trust
Step 4: Meet the manager at their restaurant where she’ll give you some
brushes and paints
Step 5: Find a spot on the wall

Negative space on a wall
Found my spot (had to introduce some color onto this part of the wall)

Step 6: Start painting (and if you’re like me, you would probably forget any form of hydration, and you’ll sweat your toosh off in the hot Malaysian heat)
Step 7: Finish off and eat cake

Rules of Art Lane, Penang: No Profanity. No Politics. Nothing Sexual.

Yes, I know… the end product doesn’t really look like the initial sketch. But, what can I say? My mood took over and I painted with the rhythm of the wall.

Why the green body?” you may ask. Tourists and locals are continually passing by and while I was chatting with a lot of different travelers from all over the world (also painting, also dying of heat, also trying to look somewhat approachable) – I kinda got this idea that I didn’t want to paint a peachy-flesh-colored mermaid. I decided on ‘green’ to try and incorporate individuals from all ethnic background. It also reminded me of a fantasy creature. So, yeah, green!

The whole idea of this 5-hour wall mural was not to reach perfection. It’s a messy mermaid tail with loads of imperfections (Scales, Curvy Hips, Green Flabby Tummy, and Random Color Spots – Perhaps Algae).

Just because: “No one said you had to be a size ‘0’ to be a Mermaid!” We are all beautifully fantastic creatures and we shine in our own magical ways.

One thought on “Art Lane Wall Mural

  1. LOUIS says:

    “Dad’s sun ray kid”
    “Sonstraal kideo”
    Where you shine people start to shine.
    They adopt your humor
    Your exellent class your intelect and they start to glow.
    One day you’re gonna glow for the almighty GOD He is preparing you. Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.


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