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The Phnom Penh Disaster

Out of the 12 cities/towns/villages I’ve permanently lived in while traveling, Phnom Penh was by a million miles the worst – and here is why…

What is it Like to Live as An Expat? A Full List of Pros and Cons

Two friends in the desert

Are you considering Expat life? You know, the fantasy of letting go of everything you once knew and embarking on a life-changing adventure by living and working in another country. We all have a friend who has actually done this – I’m that friend….

How Someone Stole $900 in 10 Minutes

The Happy Ending Massage Parlor in Phnom Penh That Left Me Feeling Not-So-Happy

Cape Point, Western Cape

Visiting Cape Point, Western Cape – with a stroller, a baby, two sisters and a dad.